Research and Pipeline

Sera Prognostics is a leader in proteomic test development and validation, advanced bioinformatics, and multidimensional data analysis to develop and improve early and accurate risk predictors of pregnancy complications. Sera follows best practices and authoritative National Academy of Medicine guidelines to properly validate tests that combine multiple biomarkers in predictions that are appropriate for clinical use.

Sera works with leading researchers and clinical experts in the U.S. and internationally to prospectively evaluate its clinically validated tests under real-world patient use conditions. Sera is also collaborating with healthcare providers in the U.S. to quantify the benefit of its PreTRM® strategy – to use standard medical interventions to proactively treat mothers found to be at high risk for prematurity by the PreTRM® Test.

In addition to preterm birth Sera is developing a robust pipeline of novel blood-based biomarker tests for a number of major pregnancy related conditions beyond preterm birth by leveraging the biological insights provided by our proprietary technology platform.

Quality & Regulatory

Sera Prognostics is a CLIA certified, CAP accredited, and NYS approved laboratory performing the PreTRM Test for all 50 US states. Our quality systems and processes meet regulatory requirements and professional standards for testing.

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