Located on the edge of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, Sera Prognostics, Inc. is a women’s health diagnostics company dedicated to improving the health of babies and mothers. We are a growing company tasked with becoming a global leader in high value women’s health diagnostics, delivering pivotal information that will improve health and improve the economics of healthcare delivery. According to Sera’s CEO, employees and affiliates here must possess three qualities to be successful: 1) the individual must be passionate and dedicated to changing the world; 2) they must be smart and work smart; and 3) they must have absolute integrity. If this is you, we urge you to keep reading!

We are seeking a Part Time Medical Writer Consultant to provide support to the R&D, commercial, clinical, regulatory and legal departments in generating internal and externally facing materials. Primary responsibilities will include the preparation and submission of abstracts, posters, manuscripts, white papers and promotional materials. The medical writer may take a lead or supporting role in the generation of some of the following: project plans, reports and regulatory documents and may interface with scientists and patent counsel in assisting with preparation of patent applications. 



United States


Consulting to be performed M-F during normal business hours.

Tight timelines can occasionally create requests for hours outside of regular work hours. 

No more than 20 hours per week


  • Prepares, edits, and submits abstracts, posters, presentations, and manuscripts. 
  • Responds to journal reviewer and editorial comments. 
  • Partners with project teams to engage early with the planning for relevant documents. 
  • Works closely with project teams to reach consensus on establishing timelines for deliverables, completes documents according to agreed-upon timelines and follows up with the study team as needed to meet internal and external timeline commitments. 
  • Works closely with project teams to ensure that results and messages accurately reflect the data and project goals. 
  • Uses resources effectively; sets milestones and delivers on time. 
  • Works as a team and contributes positively to the corporate culture. 
  • Honors Sera’s core values: quality, focus, teamwork, innovation, accountability, energy and integrity. 

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or Graduate degree in biological/medical sciences or medical degree, and/or 3-5 years related writing experience. 
  • Demonstrated experience with the generation of peer-reviewed scientific publications and the creation of layperson white papers and promotional materials. 
  • Experience in creating documents that support broad areas of evidence development and diverse audiences (providers, patients, payers, society leadership, scientists). 
  • Ability to organize diverse teams, work to deadlines and show lateral leadership in collaboration across reporting lines. 
  • Exceptional understanding of reference management software products. 
  • Expert understanding of journal and conference requirements for peer-reviewed submission. 

Preferred Experience

  • Familiarity with preprint servers. 
  • Experience in supporting the preparation of patents, clinical study protocols and project plans/reports. 


  • $35.00-$50.00 per hour.
  • No more than 20 hours per week.