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Sera Prognostics aims to be a global leader in high-value women’s health diagnostics, delivering pivotal information to physicians to improve the health of pregnant women and newborns, and to simultaneously improve the health economics.

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The Pregnancy Company

We believe providing an individualized risk of spontaneous premature birth and other pregnancy complications is a critical first step to improving maternal and newborn health. Sera Prognostics is dedicated to improving the lives of women and babies through individualized prenatal care. Our vision is to deliver pivotal and actionable information to pregnant women, their physicians and healthcare payers to significantly improve maternal and neonatal health and to meaningfully reduce healthcare costs.

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The PreTRM Test

Accurately identifying women at higher risk for spontaneous preterm birth is a critical first step to addressing an early delivery’s health and economic impacts. The PreTRM® Test predicts a patient’s individual risk of spontaneous preterm delivery in asymptomatic singleton pregnancies through a single blood draw performed during weeks 18 through 20 of gestational age.

Research & Innovation

July 24

Sera Prognostics PreTRM® Test Prevention Strategy Demonstrates 18% Reduction in Severe Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality in Newly Published AVERT Trial

December 21

Sera Prognostics Announces Publication Of Data Confirming The Performance Of The IBP4/SHBG Biomarkers In Diverse Non-U.S. Populations

November 21

Sera Prognostics Announces Publication Of The Clinical Validation Of PreTRM® Threshold For Clinical Action
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Sera Prognostics is on the cutting edge of medical science, and our contributions will lay the foundation for the future of proteomics. They also encourage personal and professional development and provide the necessary tools for growth. I count myself lucky to work for a company so invested in its employees and its commitment to healthcare.

Deven Johnson Lab Operations
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It’s an incredibly secure feeling being surrounded by brilliant experts, everyone knowing the critical role they play in helping moms, babies, and healthcare providers. “Collaborative” is certainly the foundation of the Sera culture, but I would level-up on that description. Our halls and calls are flooded with generosity of spirit and a deep respect for one another.

Anna Gaudio Marketing
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I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a talented, passionate, and caring group of people at Sera. Our team has the privilege and responsibility of improving the navigation and overall landscape of healthcare, while empowering stronger, healthier mothers and babies. The team culture, camaraderie, and collaboration make this a very rewarding and humbling experience!

Olivia Petty Commercial Operations
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I love working for a company that wants to change the world in such a meaningful way. We aren’t just selling widgets. We are revolutionizing healthcare by improving pregnancy outcomes for mothers and babies. Every day I get to work with people from various departments who are brilliant at what they do and just as passionate about our vision as I am.

Austin Aerts Finance
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