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Sera Prognostics
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Our vision is to become a global leader in high-value women’s health diagnostics. We’ll do this by taking a holistic approach to providing pivotal information to providers and patients, simultaneously enabling better health for moms and babies and improving the economics of healthcare delivery.

Value-Driven Operating Principles

We are honored to take on the task of addressing the problem of preterm birth. To do so effectively, we know that our values must infuse every facet of our work.


We are dedicated to improving the health of mothers and babies by ensuring that everything we do is of the highest standards and rigor


We are not satisfied with the status quo and we seek to change it through novel approaches fueled by our motivation to address adverse conditions affecting pregnancy


We prize the strength of the collective and we value the contribution that diversity brings through people, ideas, and approaches


We actively seek to understand root causes for pregnancy complications and work to address them in all aspects of our business


We value honesty and clarity. We stand behind our commitments


We take responsibility for our actions, both individually and collectively


We work tirelessly and relentlessly to achieve our goals

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We’re in Good Hands

We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Together, our team brings cross-functional expertise and years of experience that set our collective benchmark of excellence. Get to know the team that personifies our values.

Our commitment to innovation